Posted by: jockmackenzie | April 29, 2009

“Dealing with Dymans” Chapter 1, Part 3

J.J. lowered her voice, and mimicking John Wayne, drawled, “Well, pilgrim, a close personal friend of mine reckons that Cowboy’s a mighty fine choice. Gimme a shot – in a dirty cup.”

Clee’s face lit up like a kid who had just won a foot race and J.J.’s eyes sparkled in return. Quick to figure out the game, Clee added, “Well, could I rustle up some vittles whilst I mosey over to the cook shack?”

Once again, J.J. accepted his recommendation so Clee turned to order toast and a large Cowboy. Standing behind J.J., Clee pantomimed that he was going to the washroom and that Jack should chat with ‘the’ one. A long-time pal is always happy to help – happy to get to know this new and interesting person in Clee’s life, and happy that they both seemed so happy.

Jack asked J.J. about her name, if she was a long-time resident or new in town, how long she had been in the banking biz, and things like anybody playing 20 Questions would ask.

J. J. was, of course, her initials – Jillian Janine. She noted, “The people who even know what J.J. stands for are few in number. School friends back in Minneapolis used to call me ‘Red’ but that ended after high school. And no, I have not been a local resident for long, just moved here two months ago. After getting an Arts degree and then a Bachelor of Commerce, I ended up marrying this guy who was on the rebound but it didn’t work out. By the time it became obvious, my degrees were a bit dusty. So I am over thirty and just getting into the biz as you call it. I may have been able to take a middle management position, but, if I want to rise up through the ranks, the final outcome will be better if I clearly understand the incremental steps.”

And then, to his surprise, she played 20 Questions on Jack. In the short while that Clee was gone, they got quite well acquainted.

Clee returned with a, “Sorry about that. You know what they say, ‘You can lead a horse to drink but you can’t make him water.’ Guess I had a few too many coffees. So, you two seem to be getting along famously. Anybody miss me?”

Once again, J.J. gave him that special smile and it was clear that Clee knew he had been missed – and Jack knew that it was time to exit. He made some excuse, then offered without really thinking the old chestnut about it being a pleasure to make her acquaintance and hoped that their paths would cross again.

With a “Ta Ta” from J.J. and a “Catch ya on the flip side” from Clee, he excused himself.

Outside, just as he approached his truck, Clee appeared with an expectant look. “Well, you doubting Thomas, what did you think? What did you think of her? And hurry, I said I just had to plug the meter.”

“Clee, you may, indeed, have found ‘the’ one. The chemistry is obvious; she seems to be as taken with you as you are with her. In every way that I could see, in a relatively short time, it appears that the chances of a lasting relationship are very good.And there’s something else, something that I can’t quite put my finger on that gives me confidence that you two have a future.”

And then Jack found himself saying, “It’s the final result that counts. Get back in there and knock one out of the park.”

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