Posted by: jockmackenzie | April 29, 2009

“Dealing with Dymans” Chapter 2, Part 1


Ch. 2 Cleopatra

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Jack sat in his truck for a few minutes thinking about what had just happened. His good friend, Cleveland Shea, and – maybe – ‘the’ one, J.J. (once upon a time known as ‘Red’) OnDante. Did they have a future? Was that magic that he had just witnessed? Could there be that one special person somewhere out in the teeming, roiling mass of humanity meant just for him as well, someone who, as yet, didn’t know Jack Schmidt?

A movement to Jack’s left brought him back to the present; he jumped (figuratively). It was just the commissionaire marking tires. Ah yes, the mall. Jack’s little job jar list had a “Cleopatra’s bracelet” as Job One on his Saturday morning itinerary of exciting excursions, and Sharma and Dyman’s Fine Jewellery in the mall was apparently the only place in town that sold them.

Fifteen minutes and far too many traffic lights later, Jack entered the crystal palace of sparkling glass display cases and even sparklier rings, watches, pendants, goblets, necklaces, brooches, diamonds, rubies, pearls, amethysts … the world of the 4 C’s: color, cut, clarity, carat. He shuddered.

“Good morning, sir. How can I help you today?” a voice cooed.

The saleslady had appeared before him as, once again, he had been taking a little mental holiday down “I-Wonder-How-This-Is-Going-To-Turn-Out” Lane.

“I’m looking for something called a Cleopatra’s bracelet.”

“Oh yes, we have them right over here. And you know, we’re the only place in town where you can purchase them. They’ve become very popular. Everyone’s wearing them. Extremely unique.”

As she moved to a display on Jack’s right, he thought about the everybody-unique juxtaposition.

“Ah, here we are dear. Now were you looking for a bracelet or a necklace?”

“Uh, a bracelet – I think.”

Well, in that case, we have three main choices: oxidized sterling silver, sterling silver, solid 14k gold.” She swept her hand over the display case like one of the game show babes doing the horizontal wave at the current offering. “Once you’ve decided on a bracelet, you can choose either a sterling silver or a 14k gold clasp.” The intonation on ‘sterling’ suggested that if one were cheap enough to settle for the sterling silver bracelet, the least one could do would be to dress it up with the gold clasp.

Jack wasn’t biting. He furrowed his brow, gazed intently at the three choices, then queried, “Is it possible to get the solid 14k gold bracelet with a sterling silver clasp?” He didn’t look up. The immediate inhalation was his answer. One point for the great unwashed.

“Ah, I don’t believe that that is one of the choices. I’ve never had any one ask that before. I guess it’s just that . . . well . . . if one were to purchase the beautiful gold bracelet, why on earth … I mean . . . why would one put a less expensive clasp with it?”

“Not sure really. Just wondering. I kinda like the contrast of the silver with the gold – would make it . . . you know . . . unique.”

“Well, you are so right. It certainly would. How refreshing to look at things from a different perspective.”

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