Posted by: jockmackenzie | April 29, 2009

“Dealing with Dymans” Chapter 2, Part 2

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The intonation suggested that a ‘different perspective’ could be taken as ‘how some nut case might view the world’ but Jack had scored his point and moved on.

He hated himself for it but he asked about the prices of the three main choices. He hoped that his own intonation suggested, “Not that price matters, just trying to get all the facts.”

“The oxidized bracelet is a mere fifty dollars, the sterling silver with sterling silver clasp is ninety, with the gold clasp is two-hundred and thirty, . . .” Jack tuned out. “ . . . and our fabulous array of charms is over here, we’ll be getting a shipment of new product next week, and, of course, you will need spacers for the bracelet and they are right here.” Her smile trumpeted the finale, “Duh duh da dut da duh!”

“My, my, my. So many choices. Well, this could take some time.” Jack looked at his watch. Sapphire time read 9:30. He knew it was later. He shook his wrist, tapped the watch. 9:30. Ms. Smarmy Smile bent forward, looking concerned.

“Perhaps your battery has died. Would you like me to check?”

“Sure, that’d be great,” Jack replied. He unfastened his watch, handed it to the clerk, and bent closer to examine the bracelets.

She returned, moments later, smiling triumphantly. “Good as new,” she beamed. “And have you decided which bracelet the lucky lady will be getting?”

Jack accepted the watch. “Oops, is it really almost 11:30? Well, of course it is. This is going to take more time than I have today. Got a whole list from the job jar. I’ll just pay for the battery and come in when I have enough time to give an important decision like this the attention it deserves.”

Smiley winced. “Of course.”

Jack paid the fifteen dollars for the battery, didn’t even suggest that that seemed pretty steep, and escaped.

• • •

Mavis stared after Jack as he left the store. In her head she was repeating the lines she heard over and over and over – oh my, look at the time – I’ll be back when I can give it the care and attention . . . – and then added a few others that this coupon clipper hadn’t used: Yes, well I’ll have to a little more looking around – My cousin and I are buying this together so I’ll have to get his input – Yada yada yada. This job was killing her. On her feet all bloody day (and a full bloody shift-plus today cuz Little Miss Perky, the new girl, had called in sick), dealing with the non-readers of the world – did the neon sign out front not shine brightly enough? What part of Sharma and Dyman’s Fine Jewellery did they not get? Fine? Four letters? I’ll give them four letters.

Another customer appeared. Another coo. “Good morning, ma’am. How can I help you today?”

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