Posted by: jockmackenzie | April 29, 2009

“Dealing with Dymans” Chapter 4, Part 2

Click the “start arrow” below to hear the audio of this chapter:

“Only too well. I made the sign you’re talking about, thing of beauty really – Sharma and Dymans, Fine Jewellery. I made it and that cheap shyster still hasn’t paid for it, claims it didn’t meet the specifications agreed upon. It’s gonna cost me more in court costs than I’d get for my work – and Dougie Dipstick knows that.”

“Well, this could work out well for both of us; it’s time to send Mr. Dipstick a message. Here’s what I have in mind . . .”

Jack filled Darryl in on his plan and learned a bit more about neon signs in the process. Especially interesting was the part about the fine wires leading to the electrodes.

• • •

Another of Jack’s connections was Leo Beauchamp. Leo worked as the head security guard at the mall, the mall where Sharma and Dymans was located. It didn’t come as a huge surprise that Leo was on the list of people who had no time for Dougie Dymans. Leo’s complaint was that Dougie was often in the store long after closing time, that he thought he could leave whenever he bloody well felt like it, screw the alarm system on the outside doors, and don’t talk to him if his hard work was inconveniencing some uneducated security guard. In short, he talked down to people and treated them like dirt.

Jack explained his plan to Leo, how he wanted to mess with the neon sign, not really a joke but a message to those who didn’t know Dougie – and a message to Dougie that someone had his number. At first, and, as it turned out, at last, Leo wouldn’t have anything to do with letting Jack in to tamper with the sign. What he did do was explain how maintenance was carried out in the mall, by whom, and when it usually happened. Jack was able to connect the dots and figure out a way to achieve his goal.

After employing a bit of costuming, a tool box, a step ladder, and a bit of Jack Schmidt bravado, Jack managed in broad daylight to “do an electrical inspection” on the Sharma and Dymans sign – and a handful of other mall signs nearby, just to give his job a ring of authenticity.

It was only two days after the dog walk with Sydney that Dougie Dymans and the hordes of pre-Christmas shoppers were introduced to the somewhat altered neon signage above the store entrance. The new version had no lighting in the second half of “Sharma,” the second half of “Dymans,” and no light at all in “Fine.” The result: Sha Dy Jewellery.

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