Posted by: jockmackenzie | April 29, 2009

“Dealing with Dymans” Chapter 5, Part 2

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Jennifer and Patrice were from the City. They were in town to open a small boutique, mostly high-end ladies clothing but almost as much jewellery. Their type of jewellery was the au naturel, earthy variety – polished stones, handcrafted, lots of silver and pewter – contemporary accessories that would accent their clothing lines.

Over “a decent cup of coffee and a bite,” it became clear that they were fish out of water, floundering one might say, because they simply lacked local knowledge. The list of things they didn’t know would fill a rowboat – what part of town was most attractive (and least attractive), which sub-trades to secure for painting, electrical, plumbing, carpet, who at City Hall could get the necessary permits in the shortest possible time, and how to advertise. Jack was in his element. As the guy who knew the right people etc., he was happy to offer his expertise. Jennifer and Patrice had shown how surprised and thrilled they were to bump into him and were quick to accept his kind offer of assistance. Since that day he had been able to steer them in the right directions, connect them with the appropriate connections, and help make the crooked straight. Yes, life was good.

The buzzer for the apartment entrance brought Jack back to the present. He strode over and pushed the button.

“Hi, Jacko! (Jennifer’s endearment) It’s just me. I don’t mean to drop by unannounced but I’ve got some great news. Can I come up?”

Could she come up? Could the waves part? Could the sky open up and rain gold coins? They had been sort of “seeing” one another for several months but it had been quite low key. Neither it seemed were the “let’s rush headlong into a relationship” type so they had only dated in the outside world – dinner, movie, walk, Sunday drive, coffee, quick kiss good-bye – and, of course, spent time when Jack was helping get the business set up. Last night had been the exception.

Jack hadn’t told Jennifer about his coup at Sharma and Dymans in the afternoon but he had felt so good about putting one over on Dougie he had asked Jennifer out for a celebratory supper. After she had come up to see his etchings but all they had done was a little heavy petting on his couch. He had acted like an oversexed teenager, and well, so had she. The massage fest ended somewhat abruptly as both realized where it was heading and that was that. Or was it?

“Sure, of course, c’mon up.” Jack pushed the other button.

Moments later, Jennifer breezed in. She looked fabulous – suede desert-style boots that she kicked off at the door, deliciously tight white jeans, a cowl necked off-white sweater under a white bomber jacket with fur trim.

“Long time no see, tall, dark and handsome.”

Jack blushed. Not one to put things off he replied, “Yeah, right. Hey, about last night. I’ve been feeling at bit embarrassed about my groping and grabbing and . . .”

“That’s one of the things – many things – that make you so sweet, Jack. Cutting right to the chase – and feeling embarrassed about things most men wouldn’t even think twice about. But you’re right. I thought about it too, and it brought back memories of junior high and a certain back seat. I think we should just forget about it. But . . . if anything like that should ever happen again . . . some articles are connected by clasps in the front.”

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