Posted by: jockmackenzie | April 29, 2009

“Dealing with Dymans” Chapter 6, Part 1

6. Gone Too Far

Click the “start arrow” below to hear the audio of this chapter:

Jack was waiting at the coffee shop the next morning when Leo arrived. He already had a second coffee waiting.

Leo looked around suspiciously and then chose the chair against the wall. He glanced toward the back entrance and then again at the front door.

Jack leaned forward. He felt like he was playing a part in some spy movie. “What’s this all about? You look like a piece of . . . well, you know. And what’s with the lookin’ all around as if some bad guy is going to leap out the shadows?”

“You’ve gone too far, Jack,” muttered Leo. “Don’t get me wrong. You couldn’t have known. But messin’ with Dougie Dymans can result in some really serious shit. I mean really serious.”

“Leo, Leo. Come on. I just did a little number on the guy’s sign. Hell, last week I’d hardly even heard of the guy. I mean, everybody who’s been around here as long as I have has heard of Sharma and Dymans. Geez, they came over with Noah. But I wouldn’t have known this apparently wacko son if he came up and bit me. And you’re tellin’ me that he does a lot more than just bite?”

“Jack, you don’t know the half of it. I guess I didn’t realize what a psycho, mean, vindictive bastard he can be. He scares me. I don’t scare easy but, from what I’ve heard and now seen, this guy is a nut case. Like, exactly what’d he do to you to make you mess with his sign?”

“First of all, let me say that I’m sorry, Leo. I would never do anything on purpose to upset or worry you. Like I thought I explained when I came to you for advice about mall security, I just wanted to do this small thing to a guy who is obviously disliked, hated even, by so many people. I wanted to make people think about a ‘shady’ guy, and I wanted Dougie to know that not everybody was going to let him get away with being the kind of person he is. I guess I thought I was being pretty clever figuring out a way to make the neon sign say what it did.”

“Yeah, I hear ya. When you first asked about comin’ in at night to do your little dirty business, I was dead set against it. But somethin’ made me want to get back at him too. I’d kinda forgotten just how ‘tilt’ this guy can go. By not allowin’ you to do it on my watch, I was really just passin’ the buck. It’s my fault too. But, Jack, you wouldn’t believe his reaction.”

“So tell me exactly what happened.”

“I went in to work early yesterday. You know me, the night watchman. My shift doesn’t normally start until 7:00, twelve hours of mostly shuttin’ the mall down and then babysitting it through til morning. Jeet, the guy in charge of days, had called me. Said there was a big kerfuffle and did I want to see what was goin’ on. Hell, I’d seen what you did to the sign when I went in on Thursday night so I didn’t clue in to the fact that that was what Jeet’s call was about.

“When I got there, you could hear the yelling from the food court. Jeet hadn’t even noticed your handiwork – some guys just don’t read signs, eh – but Dougie Dymans sure had. Typical hot shot ‘I’ll have my people do my work for me’ kind a guy, he often doesn’t show up til late. He’d been out of town for a few days and had no clue how long the world had been lookin’ at “ShaDy Jewellery.” I guess the first place he headed was our office – Security. Jeet and Doug were there and took the brunt of the first explosion. Like I said, Jeet didn’t even know about it and Doug’s so friggin’ old and half blind it was news to him too.

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