Posted by: jockmackenzie | April 29, 2009

“Dealing with Dymans” Chapter 7, Part 1

7. Plan B

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Jack needed some time to think things through and he needed more information. Obviously, he had let loose some kind of monster. He still didn’t get it. So many people hated this guy – but why? Sure, he was a bully and a whole list of other things but what made him so feared.

This wasn’t “I’ll make a few calls” kind of stuff. Jack needed some up close and personal reaction from people he knew. He started with his good buddy, Clee. Clee was kinda quirky but he was connected to people, people who were a little closer to the “dark side” than Jack was.

He found Clee in his shop, head under the hood of some clunker that needed work.

“Clee,” he began, “got a few minutes?”

“Hell, you know me, Jack,” Clee grinned, surfacing from the depths of the car, “I’ve got more time than money. What can I do ya for?”

“This is serious, Clee. I’ve run into a problem, a big problem, and I need your advice, or the advice of your ‘special connections’ to help me out.”

Clee could see from the look on Jack’s face that this wasn’t your ordinary drop by for a little chitchat, ask how things were going with J.J. kind of visit. “Sure, pal. I’m all ears. What’s the deal?”

Jack filled Clee in on everything that had happened. Clee sat silently and didn’t say a word until he was done.

When Jack finished, Clee began. “You’ve really stirred up one hornets’ nest, ol’ buddy. I do know some stuff but, like you say, there’s a few of my acquaintances who likely know even more. These particular guys wade in a different stream, if you catch my drift. I’ll have my people talk to their people and get back to you a.s.a.p.. Can I assume this little task goes to the top of the list?”

“You’re damn right it does, Clee. I’m about as pissed at this jerk as I can remember being pissed at anybody. What he’s done and, apparently, will continue to do, needs stopping. But be careful. It’s clear that I don’t really understand all there is to know. This could be dangerous so keep your head up.”

“Don’t worry ‘bout me, Jack. My headlights are on bright. I’ll call you as soon as I’ve got something.”

With that, Jack thanked Clee and headed for his next stop, the cop shop, and another old friend, Big Jim Spady. Big Jim had been on the force for years, had been one of Jack’s fishing buddies before his kids came along, and was as good a source as Jack could think of – on the other side of the law.

Big Jim was pushing paper in his cubicle when Jack arrived.

Normally, Jack would have opened the conversation with something like, “Hey you old liar” or “Thought I’d find you with the rest of the gang at the doughnut shop” but it wasn’t that kind of a day. Instead it was simply, “Jim, I need a favor.”

“If the look on your face and the tone of your voice are any indication, I’d say this looks like a closed door favor,” responded Jim. “Let’s see if Malloy’s office is free.”

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