Posted by: jockmackenzie | April 30, 2009

Middle School Alphabet

Middle School Alphabet - Aa

I think middle school classrooms need an alphabet across the front of the room BUT one that meets middle school needs – so I put one together. It’s still in the draft stage but it works for now. A couple of talented Red Deer teacher/calligraphers are working on more fonts.

The idea is multi-faceted. Students can use this alphabet for many purposes:

– to aid in finding rhyming words
– to assist them when using the dictionary/thesaurus
– to learn a variety of lettering styles (when we ask them to ‘represent’ & display work)
– to learn the military alphabet, sign language, braille, Morse code
– to learn how to color (note the borders, rubbings for each letter, coloring in bubble letters)


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