Posted by: jockmackenzie | April 30, 2009

“Poetry & Song” – ENTRY 4 – Figure of Speech Exercise

I have been working on my second teacher reference book – this one’s working title is “Poetry and Song.” I have sent it to a Canadian publisher who has sent it out for review so I am playing the waiting game. In the interim, I am posting bits and pieces to give readers an idea of what the book contains. I am interested in hearing if what I have is of interest, and what other things you might like to see included.

Shortly, I will bring the earlier posts over from my last blog. Please check “Poetry and Song” archive in the near future.

Posted below is just one of numerous Figure of Speech exercises. The book contains the Student copy and then the Answer key. Throughout the book I have attempted to make everything as user friendly as possible i.e. photocopy ready!

Figures of Speech – Exercise #1 ANSWER KEY
In the blank provided, write the name of the best figure of speech that is illustrated in each example. (If it is not an example of a figure of speech, write “incorrect”)

1. __________S_____________ His shoes are holier than a used M-16 target.
2. __________H_____________ Naomi was so slow that it took her 1/2 hour to make Minute Rice.
3. __________M____________ His six-gun was his business card.
4. __________P____________ The radio sang me happy tunes.
5. __________O____________ The coin dalinked in the pop machine; coke shelunked into the slot.
6. __________M_____________ His breath was a hurricane peeling wallpaper.
7. __________S_____________ The sound of the grandfather clock was like a death toll.
8. __________H_____________ His ears were so big he received satellite T.V.
9. __________A_____________ Cam, Crystal, Kyle and Curt cooked carrots and corn.
10. __________P_____________ The dress yelled, “Buy me!” from the store window.
11. __________O_____________ Blurpteck, Blurpteck, was the sound of his computer.
12. __________H____________ She’s so clumsy that she could trip over a shadow.
13. __________A_____________ The two tiny twins toddled together.
14. __________P_____________ The binder screamed as the rings snapped shut.
15. __________O_____________ Scarump, cabong, schurzap went the tires as they schloozed flat.
16. __________H_____________ That guy is so mean that he eats the steak before they kill the cow.
17. __________O_____________ The fly kursmuked and slosh o plopped into the window.
18. __________H_____________ She was so ugly they had to feed her with a slingshot.
19. __________M_____________ The house was a matchbox.
20. __________P_____________ The pen did a belly flop on the test paper.
21. __________S_____________ The colors ran together like the clouds in the sky.
22. __________A_____________ Boring Billy the baker baked a bad boar for brunch.
23. __________M_____________ The happy boy was a balloon of pleasure.
24. __________P_____________ The telephone was bored as it sat waiting for someone to call.
25. __________S or H_________ The class was duller than a room full of paralyzed rocks.

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