Posted by: jockmackenzie | April 30, 2009

Teacher Evaluations – How am I doing?

Whenever I speak at a teacher gathering, I put out 10 evaluation slips. Each is 1/2 page in size. It asks for two kinds of feedback – Strengths and Suggestions for Improvement. I use the same format at our local Writers’ Ink meetings when I am responding to a reading from one of our poets or novel writers. My intended ratio is always at least two to one – two comments about what the writer has done well, one question or concern.

I have attached the word-for-word responses I received at the Lethbridge conference – but only from the first session. In my last session, I had only three participants . . . and one was the gal who introduced me. Dr. Sharon Faber, from Atlanta, had fifteen. Hmmm? We started a few minutes after 10:45, waiting for any latecomers, but then went past the end time because we really got into our discussion about Individual Program Plans for “hurtin’ Albertans.”

It’s nice to see positive comments but, as we tend to do as teachers (maybe as humans), I focus on the Suggestions for Improvement.” I was particularly taken with the comment about passion.

Middle Years Council of Alberta
April, 2009

Session Evaluations

Classroom Management: No Fears, No Tears by Jock Mackenzie

1. Strengths: Experience counts! Love the stories.
Suggestions for improvement: None

2. Strengths: Eye contact. Reactive strategies.
Suggestions for improvement: None

3. Strengths: Lots of ideas and strategies. Experience.
Suggestions for improvement: None

4. Strengths: Good practical ideas that are easy and practical to use.
Suggestions for improvement: None

5. Strengths: Some new ideas – string games, silent ball – that I can use.
Suggestions for improvement: Have short sharing sessions at our table to hear ideas from others.

6. Strengths: Very personable approach. You are well versed and your experience is very valid. This would be an excellent session for new teachers. THANKS!!!
Suggestions for improvement: Don’t be afraid to be completely passionate about your topic. Can you make the presentation more engaging via interactive prompting?

7. Strengths: Realistic suggestions
Suggestions for improvement: None

8. Strengths: Very confident, informative, practical
Suggestions for improvement: Possibly – if time, a sharing from the people – what works for them, what doesn’t. Many people bring many perspectives. Thanks.

*** 10 Session Evaluation forms were distributed, 8 were returned.

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