Posted by: jockmackenzie | May 1, 2009

BULL’S-EYE: A Tribute to All Middle Schoolers


There’s a certain pecking order
Almost everywhere you go
Based on things inconsequential
For instance “who” not “what” you know.

It’s the very same in teaching
We’ve all heard it, you and I,
“Oh, you teach at elementary;
I teach up at senior high.”

What of us then in the middle?
Neither bottom nor the top
On the road to higher learning
Are we just a piteous stop?

We’re called flotsam; we’re called jetsam.
A conundrum, we’re a riddle
Neither fish nor fowl nor flora
We’re non-committal, in the middle.

We’re not kindergarten cuties
Nor set to forge out on our own.
We’re not “acme” we are “acne”
Center of the hormone zone.

People living in the “real” world
Often shudder when they hear
That we’ve chosen mid-life crisis
Not as a stage but a career.

Not a cakewalk, never easy
It’s a challenge; it’s a test
When you juggle flaming chainsaws
And the kids are unimpressed.

But we love it in the middle
Sometimes crazy, sometimes wild
It is truly satisfying
When you reach the middle child.

To every teacher in the middle
You’re the man (the ma’am), you rule
Kudos and congratulations
If you’ve chosen middle school.

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