Posted by: jockmackenzie | May 1, 2009

Give ’em Candy – extrinsic rewards?

Give ‘em Candy!

Give ‘em candy from your closet
Give ‘em candy from your drawer
Chewy, gummy, bubbly sugar
That you purchase from the store.

Whenever there’s a reason
To give praise for being good
Shower every single student
Who has shown he’s understood

Shower them with sugar
Colored, tasty, flavored treats
Never worry ‘bout the dentist
Simply concentrate on sweets

Who would ever want an apple?
Or a veggie? – that’s absurd!
Give ‘em caseloads full of candy
Otherwise you’re just a nerd!

Kids don’t really want a pencil
Or a poster or a card
They don’t need you just to tell them
That you’re glad they’re working hard

Words of praise are far too easy
They don’t carry any weight
Listen up and be a hero
Give ‘em candy – candy’s great!

by Jock Mackenzie

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