Posted by: jockmackenzie | May 1, 2009

“Dealing with Dymans” Chapter 7, Part 3

Click the “start arrow” below to hear the audio of this chapter:

“It’s common knowledge that throughout the nineties, Al Dymans’ health was failing. When he finally passed away, late 1999 as I recall, Dougie was sittin’ in the catbird seat. Surprise, surprise, there was some controversy over the will. As seemed to always be the case, Dougie came out smellin’ like roses – ended up as the head honcho at Sharma and Dymans.”

“Yeah, the head honcho part I know.”

“But did you know the father’s ‘passing’ was not just an open and shut case? Seems like some serious questions were asked and the answers weren’t just crystal clear. Those of us on the force were let down yet again. The little shit was implicated but that’s as far as it went.”

Jack had listened intently, obviously taking everything in, and could now appreciate the “fear” factor. The possibility that Dougie had had something to do with his own father’s death was certainly proof positive that there could be a psychotic sicko out there pretending to make diamonds a girl’s best friend. “That was almost ten years ago, now. What’s been happening since then?”

“Jack, the average age of a member, the trained and dedicated police force sworn to uphold justice in this burg, is 23 years old. Can you believe that? That’s the average. We’re stretched tighter than Conan’s condom. We know this guy is probably up to something – but, as he’s gotten older, he’s definitely gotten smarter. He is flying below the radar. Whatever he’s doing, he’s not making any waves. And around here, if it’s not a tsunami, we’re occupied with stuff that is. Hey, I hope I’ve been some help but this has taken longer than I expected.”

Jim stood. “Let’s leave it at this. I will say it only once more, ‘This is between you and me.’ Having said that, I trust you to use this information, shall we say, appropriately. One last word of caution, you know what they say about loose lips. And hey, if you need a posse, call me. Good luck.”

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