Posted by: jockmackenzie | May 1, 2009

Speaking – String Games

Dustin and Cam are perfoming a Camilla Gryski string figure (Ms. Gryski is the author of several books that teach students a variety of string games) called “The Saw.” These grade six boys can “Cheat the Hangman” and perform “The Fly” as well as produce “The Tea Cup” that turns into “The Eiffel Tower.” What they haven’t realized is they’ve read both words and pictures to determine how to perform these string figures, they’ve worked co-operatively, and once they have made up a story to go along with a presentation they will give to the class, they will have fulfilled a speaking activity – all communication skills from our Program of Studies.

The other pictures show Amelia performing the “Fish Spear” and Ayden mid way through “The Fly.”

Dustin-Cam "The Saw"p4070084

Amelia "Spear" p4070075

Ayden "The Fly"p4070078

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