Posted by: jockmackenzie | May 11, 2009


My wife and I would like to travel more. With tough economic times, I am going to fly this “free speech” kite for a while and see what happens. I am offering to speak to your teacher group “for free” and ask only for expenses to bring Jan and I to your city or town. What’s the catch? I suppose you could say paying expenses doesn’t technically qualify as “free.”

I have thought about this idea for some time, Jan and I watched the movie “Pay It Forward,” again, and I have spoken with friends and colleagues. The only negative comment given has been, “They won’t think you’re any good if you don’t charge a substantial fee.” My experience has been that the fee charged is not a good indicator of the quality of the presentation.

If you’re doubtful, check out the “Feedback” page on this blog, watch the videos (more are coming and they’re as good as you can get from a camera mounted off to “stage left” on an often-unmanned tripod), or call for references.

I am a big fan of the “Win, Win” concept. This plan strikes me as a prime example – we get to see a different part of the world, and you get 35 years of educational experiences to share with your teachers. Think about it.. Please get in touch.

Jock at CEATCA - Rainbow tie_2

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