Posted by: jockmackenzie | May 14, 2009

“Dealing with Dymans” Chapter 12, Pt. 2

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Seemingly unaware, Clee continued, “Well, after striking out with Manny, I reconsidered my second visit. I was going to see a guy at the casino but, once bitten twice shy, I figured James Alton “Iggy” Lewin would be my next visit. You know the esteemed barrister, don’t you?”

Hoping to speed things up a bit, Jack agreed. “Yup, Iggy is the kind of lawyer who gives the whole bunch a bad name. Any luck there?”

“Yeah, second time lucky. Iggy loves to blow his own horn, especially when he gets to recount his much-envied courtroom prow, er proud, er pr . . ., to re-live his moments of glory, and, of course, share the wisdom of the ages with village idiots like me. He thinks everybody but him lives in the Stupid Tree.

“Anyway, he has a hate on for Dougie Dymans, sumpthin’ to do with unpaid fees, being treated like a lackey (his term), and not being able to share his knowledge with the world because of lawyer-client privilege. I did a pinkie swear not to tell a soul and added that I had come to him for the very same reasons he had for hatin’ Dougie.

“We both know he’s a pompous ass, but he knows what side his bread’s buttered on, so he didn’t exactly open the flood gates. And you know me, Jack, I don’t like to beat around the bush, so here’s the skinny. Iggy, hot on the heels of announcing that all of what he was about to tell me was ‘a matter of public record’ if a person knew where to look, said he had represented Dougie on some fraud charges, claims Dougie had been switching gemstones when clients brought rings, necklaces and so on in to the store. Everything had been kept hush hush, somehow didn’t hit the newspapers, and had been settled quietly. Not on the public record, and something that Iggy sort of let slip, was a, how did he put it, a ‘predilection for the ponies,’ a potentially expensive pastime that they shared.

“That’s it in a nutshell, Jack. Does any of this help?”

“Helps a lot, Clee. The picture is getting clearer all the time. Still, answers seem to mean more questions. I’m almost back in town and I’ve got a number of things I have to do right away. For now, would ya just keep all of this under your hat. And be careful.”

“Don’t you worry, partner. I’m fine, finer ‘n frog’s hair. I got a kinda internal radar that alerts me when the shit’s gonna hit the fan. ‘Member that time when you got me to follow that drug dealer who was . . .”

“Yeah, like it was yesterday. Sorry, I gotta go but, hey, thanks again. You’re the man, Clee. I’ll probably call or drop in later today. Gonna be in the shop?

“You gotter, Jack. Like a hooker on a Saturday night, flat on my back. Gotta Beemer that needs a . . .”

“Thanks, Clee. Catchya later.”

• • •

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