Posted by: jockmackenzie | May 19, 2009

Year End Activity #1 – Time Capsule

Time Capsule - containers and paper

I have had two boxes of plastic Nescafe snap-lid coffee containers sitting in the basement for several years. I’m not sure who is happier about them becoming “Time Capsule Containers” – my wife or my students at West Park Middle School. Maybe it’s a draw.

I took the colored paper (shown in the picture) to create a label template. Having the right color is essential – so if you are beginning teacher, DO NOT presume to hand out the paper. Allow the students to choose which color suits them best. I removed the original label, made a very plain sample of my own, and used a glue stick to apply it. The students are in the process of decorating their own labels. The minimum requirement is the student’s name. (I’ll take a few pictures next week and add them to the blog.)

The plan is to create a micro/nano/mini time capsule (all will stay in a special box – likely in the principal’s office) for each student. The kids will open their capsules in June of 2011, the year they will be in grade 8.

I have cut looseleaf paper in an appropriate size so a variety of writing activities can be stored in each student’s capsule. I would like to include a flash drive to hold pictures, our Power Point of our field trips, the iMovies of their string games, pictures from around the school, but the price is prohibitive. I am currently looking for some alternative to hold this sort of information.

I welcome suggestions as to what else could go into the capsules. If you have any, please drop me a line.

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