Posted by: When Grief Group Isn't An Option | May 20, 2009

Classroom Rules – Idea #2

Several decisions regarding “Classroom Rules” must be made: 1. Should the teacher announce the rules at the beginning of the year? 2. Should a class discussion be held in September to discuss and then agree upon a set of rules? 3. How much effort should go into publishing the rules? AND PERHAPS MOST IMPORTANTLY 4. What works best for you and will have the required results?

I mention these questions because one of my failings has been the desire to do the best possible job with the unfortunate result of not getting the job done at all. Of late I have favored the Nike motto “Just Do It” or the slightly more recent “Get ‘er done!” Here are two more samples from Eastview Middle School –

Jansen's Rules

Perry's Rules

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