Posted by: jockmackenzie | May 25, 2009

“Dealing with Dymans” Chapter 14, Pt. 2

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It was already noon and Jack hadn’t called. Patrice hadn’t heard from him or fielded any messages at Riverview Manor in the time that Jennifer had been gone. Jennifer wondered if she were losing her touch. Impossible! She was a 10 and she knew it. Born with good bones, gorgeous hair, and hazel green eyes, she had had a good start. But that was it. What she had done with the starter package was all her doing. But this diet and exercise routine was getting almost too much to bear. Time was marching on and it wasn’t doing her any favors – the sagging, the wrinkling, the loss of muscle tone. More and more she was looking for all the help she could get. Thank God for designer frames. To hell with making a fashion statement, she needed the blasted glasses just to read. Talk about a downhill slide.

Perhaps she should call Jack. She could make it more of a business call. Lord knows she still needed him and all of his connections. The more she got to know about this little hick town, the more she realized that it was like a closed shop, one big union and she and Patrice didn’t have their tickets.

Granted, her other relationship with Jack had its merits but that whole scene was wearing thin too. She could see it in his eyes, in all of their eyes. They watched her when they didn’t think she would notice, taken by her physical beauty. Wouldn’t it be grand to shave her head, wear no make-up, no push-up, no latest trend outfit and find some guy who just wanted to be with her, no physical stuff, not even talking, just be.

Yeah, right! She knew she was as much to blame as anyone. She picked up her phone and called Jack. He got it on the second ring. Maybe she still did have it.

“Jack, oh Jacko, you devil. I was going out of my mind. I was worried. Are you okay?” She’d get to business soon enough. One had to go with one’s instincts and the injured lover card seemed the right one to play somehow.

“I’m fine. I got your message and then had to go out of town myself. I didn’t want to bother you at your father’s. You’ve told me that he’s your special guy.”

“Oh, he is. He is my special guy, but in a Daddy way.” Her tone and inflection were as subtle as swamp gas. It was clear she was reminding Jack that he was her very special guy, and that if it could be wrapped, she had a little present under her tree, something for him – again.

“Are you free tonight?” Jack asked.

“For you, I could clear my desk this afternoon.”

“Hey, I’d love to make it earlier, but I’m working on a few things that can’t wait. Could you stop by my place around 8:00? I have, uh, something for you.”

Jennifer scrunched her shoulders and let a warm tingle work its way all the way down her body. She still had it! But one doesn’t want to appear over anxious, too easy . . . to persuade. “Hmmm, 8:00? Well, this evening I was going to . . . oh, that can wait. Sure, 8:00 is fine. But don’t get mad if a girl’s a wee bit late.”

“Whenever you can make it is fine. Bye for now.”

Jennifer silently congratulated herself. That had gone perfectly. A few business details could wait. And that’s one of the things she liked about Jack Schmidt. He didn’t beat around the bush. He cut straight to the chase. Not the chaste, in this case. He had sounded so definite. It was a turn on for her how business-like he could be. He was a take-charge guy. And what did he have for her? Had her wily shot in the dark about a Cleopatra’s bracelet hit its mark?

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