Posted by: jockmackenzie | June 9, 2009

Autographing Yearbooks


What should be exciting and memorable moments in the school year – those spent signing yearbooks – have turned out to be one of my least favorite times, along with “Clean Up the Schoolyard Day.” Sadly, both activities seem to bring out the worst in some students. With yearbook signing, the problem may be that nobody has ever shown students some of the interesting, funny, clever, memorable, . . . ways to leave a message that years hence will bring a smile rather than a shame-faced grimace.

I offer pages from my father’s Autograph book to show several examples:


The example above is an oldie goldie – but it’s like many of the jokes students tell me, ones that made me roll around my crib in laughter the first time I heard them.

Here’s another blast from the past but it suggests that perhaps a little rhyme could be one’s signature:


And finally, as I make this walk down Memory Lane, appropriate perhaps as today is my 60th birthday, and a day of memories, I offer this pearl from a teacher, and suggest that you may wish to add a philosophical line or two to your yearbook signing repertoire:

P6090074***Click on the picture to see an enlarged version

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