Posted by: jockmackenzie | June 10, 2009

Representing – The Page of Many Lines

Long before Alberta Education reminded teachers in the Program of Studies that students should be taught that “Visual language is an integral part of contemporary life. Viewing and representing allow students to understand the ways in which images and language may be used to convey ideas, values, and beliefs.” and even before they said, “Representing enables students to communicate their ideas through a variety of media, including charts, posters, diagrams, photographs,video presentations, visual art, drama and mime.”, I was using a simple page I have dubbed “The Page of Many Lines.”


For the sake of brevity, I run off a class set of the PAMALI (PAge MAny LInes) on manilla tag and leave them in a box lid on the back counter of the room. Also on the back counter and in a stacking tray, I have a variety of colors of paper. The PAMALI is used so students can transfer any short piece of work onto a colored sheet of paper for display purposes. I like rounded corners so these are available. I prefer circles over squares and this too is an option.

Because immediate access to computers is still infrequent and because I like to see students become adept at creating their own ‘representations,’ I continue to use the PAMALI even though the modern age offers far more dramatic possibilities.

Because June is such a topsy-turvy month with Band camp, or visitations from next year’s Grade Sixes, or presentations from the high school, or field trips for schools that allow them in the last month, there seem to be numerous interruptions to the daily schedule. WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY! For those of us who forget to add to our collection of exemplars, this is a perfect chance. In those spare moments, students can be encouraged to go through their year’s work and make ‘display’ copies – use them in your room and hallways right up until the last days, let kids take them home to show their best work, add them to files to share with future students.

In my recent Time Capsule Project, I asked my kids to write a letter to themselves and use the PAMALI. Their work is all tucked away in the Time Capsule Basket so here’s a sample I shared with them:


Do you have projects or activities that are successful in June? Please comment and share and I’ll pass them along.

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