Posted by: jockmackenzie | June 19, 2009

End of Year Activity #5 – Locker Clean-up

There are three kinds of people: Those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who sit around and wonder, “What happened?” Versatile chap that I am, I can be all three.

Locker clean-up always snuck up on me in the last days of June. Sitting on the outside looking in, it occurs to me that it would be easier to follow my “small steps” philosophy and work gradually at doing locker clean-up. Sending a small number of kids at a time might be a better idea than the entire pod of Grade 8’s all at once.

One of the problems with a mass clean-up is the peer pressure which forces some students to throw away items they might normally keep. There gets to be a mob mentality that shouts, “Trash it.” And why not? Who needs a few stray pencil crayons, an incomplete geometry set, a used eraser? TOOLS FOR SCHOOLS needs these items. Local teachers, Marilyn Pottage and Marilyn Ganger, are involved in a project that sends school supplies to Africa. One year, the girls filled a container – one that would fit a car, and it did – and took supplies and computers and their expertise to Ghana. (I’m spending today at Grandview Elementary School volunteering my time for Multicultural Day and will be seeing Marilyn Pottage there. I will get more info on Tools For Schools to share in a later blog.)

Another problem with locker clean-up is that no one remembers to bring something to carry the excess home. As we all know, a locker is a bit like a magician’s trunk – it’s amazing what one can pull out of it. Were I better organized, I would have suggested kids bring those grocery store bags from home. I never was but I did raid our own supply. (Are you like me? The “bring your own bags” sit in the car while you use the store’s plastic ones.) The beauty of the small, grocery store bags is the handles, the relatively small size, and the ability to double bag.



If the mass confusion of “Locker Clean-up” could be avoided, there would be more time for the more enjoyable year end activity – The Charade World Championships. More on that soon.

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