Posted by: jockmackenzie | June 23, 2009

Ol’ Green, My Cuttin’ Horse

With summer holidays just around the corner, some acreage owners will be saddled with spending far too much time cutting the acres and acres and acres of lawn that seem to be the norm in too many country yards. I wrote this little ditty as a spoof and comment on these country cowboys:

Yup, I truly love my bronco
He’s a Craftsman EZEE 3
Automatic flatdeck mower
But he’s just Ol’ Green to me.

I’m a ride’em tractor cowboy
I could ride the whole day long
While I’m ridin’ I am writin’
Why that’s where I wrote this song.

At my office in the city
I am up the old wazoo
People pushin’, shovin’, tellin’ me
The things that I should do.

But when I’m cruisin’ on my Craftsman
I am king of my domain
I can do just as I want to
I’m the one who holds the reins.

There’s a special kind of freedom
When I’m mounted on Ol’ Green
There’s the roarin’ of the engine
There’s the splendor of the scene.

I gaze out and see before me
Acres of Kentucky Blue
Yeah, there is a bit of clover
And a dandelion – or two.

But this ride ‘em tractor cowboy
Cuts a swath that levels all
‘Til the end result is awesome
Smooth as carpet in the hall.

There are folks from in the city
Who cruise by on Sunday drives
I have seen them while I’m ridin’
Seen the envy in their eyes .

They’ve got dinky little landscapes
Not much bigger than a stamp
It’s a shame that they can’t be
A ride ‘em tractor champ.

I love ridin’ on my tractor
A vacation for the brain
All the stress back at the office
No one here to pull my chain.

I’m a ride ‘em tractor cowboy
In the yard and down the lane
I’m not sad when it’s all over
‘Cuz it’s time to start again.

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