Posted by: jockmackenzie | July 17, 2009

“Poetry and Song” – Entry 9 – A List Poem


Clip art from

(In my search for free clip art, I came across the photo above and couldn’t resist it. Here’s an excerpt from “Poetry and Song,” Chapter 7 – Form and Formula Poems)

List Poems
A more structured form poem is one that I call “The List with a Twist.” Here’s an example of one that I wrote for my classes:

What you call yer magic spel

If your zits are the pits
Take the wart of a hog
The eye of a dog
A scale from a snake
Some fish from the lake
Mix ’em together
And give it a shake
Then put it in place
All over your face
Say, “Biggledee Bon”
Now look in the mirror
Your zits are all gone!

The list makes up a good part of the poem. A first line sets the scene while the last portion brings the spell to its conclusion or the ‘twist.’ On other occasions, the ending is more unexpected, more ‘twisty.’

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