Posted by: jockmackenzie | August 24, 2009

Classroom Management – Learning Students’ Names #3


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Here is a third game I have used to learn students’ names. Like Billy Bang, I first used this in my Drama classes, but it can work in the regular classroom. Because it involves walking around, a possibility is to have the kids go out of the classroom (a unique idea in itself to many) and to use a foyer or open area for the activity.


• assign someone to be the detective

• have the class spread out around the room. Have them all close their eyes. Walk around the room and tap one student on the shoulder – he/she is now the “Melting Magician.”

• have the students mingle and shake hands while introducing themselves. “Hi, I’m Heather.” Hi, I’m Jeremy.” and so on. The “Magician” (who acts just as everyone else does) tickles the hand of some of the people he/she shakes hands with. The tickle with the middle finger during the handshake so it is invisible to everyone else.

• once the student whose hand has been tickled is well away from the Magician, he or she should melt to the floor. (dramatic melting is encouraged)

• every so often, call FREEZE, and ask the detective to try guess the name of the Melting Magician. A successful guess ends the game (please play as often as you like – just choose a new detective and a new Magician), while an unsuccessful guess means that the game continues.

*** the whole idea is to take part yourself, walk around the room, shake hands (a perfect opportunity to share the life skill of how to shake hands – firm grip, eye contact), meet each student numerous times, and play along with the class in an active exercise.

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