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Journal Writing Ideas #1


Moose in Our Yard                      Hot Air Balloon Ride              What You Want to Write

*** As you will note below, I am struggling with the format of documents that I cut and paste from Word. Bear with me as I seek a more eye-pleasing solution. A secondary goal is to offer class room activities like Journal Writing in a SMARTboard (or other interactive whiteboard) friendly format. Stay tuned.

Week 1

Journal Ideas

1.  What I should have done this summer (or will never do again)

2.  If I were the teacher, I would . . .

3.  Your Choice

Journal Ideas

1.  My thoughts about Grade 8 so far

– the students in my homeroom

– new teachers

– subjects compared to Gr. 7

– other differences

2.  A dream I had recently (or keep having)

3.  Your Choice

Week 2

Journal Ideas

1.  Something (some things) that I do well

2.  The worst thing that parents can do to their


3.  Your Choice

Journal Ideas

1.  My favorite room at home

– description

– why it’s your favorite

2.  Something I am optimistic about

Something I am pessimistic about

3.  Your Choice

Week 3

Journal Ideas

1.  What would happen if there were no T.V.?

2.  The best birthday present I have ever

received (and/or – the best birthday

present I could receive)

3.  Your Choice

Journal Ideas

1.  What I do in my free time

2.  Should animals be used for medical research?

3.  Your Choice

Week 4

Journal Ideas

1.  If I were invited to two parties that I wanted

to go to, but they were on the same day, I

would . . .

2.  Should the Canadian government financially

support Olympic teams?

3.  Your Choice

Journal Ideas

1.  Picture Day

Preparation for this day. Do you get

enough pictures? Do you usually like

your pictures? Are the picture takers nice?

2.  Would you like to be famous?  Why or why not?  If yes,

what would you want to be famous for?

3.  Your Choice

Week 5

Journal Ideas

1.  What would you do if you dropped something

good at home (like your mother’s favorite

tea pot, cookie jar, etc.) and it broke?

2.  How do you feel during a thunderstorm?

3.  Your choice.

Journal Ideas

1.  What do you think your friends say to each other

when you are not around?

2.  I wish I had a million . Then I

would _______________

3.  Your choice.

Week 6

Journal Ideas

1.  When someone picks on someone else, how

do you feel?  What do you do?

2. Where would you prefer to be right now – beach,

mountains, mall – and why?

3.  Your choice.

Journal Ideas

1.  I wish there were a law that said ____________

This would be a good law because _____________

2.  Why should or shouldn’t a man stay home to care

for the house and the children while his wife

goes to work?

3.  Your choice.

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