Posted by: jockmackenzie | September 23, 2009

Classroom Design 4 – Students’ View

EMS Math blank front

This is a classroom I visited to tie some flies with students who were about to go fly fishing. The teacher is a wonderful human being, new mother, and at the time of the picture, about to leave for a second maternity leave. Definitely a busy lady. She is also one of the best math teachers I have ever known, coming in before school and staying after to give extra help.

Her time and energy are not spent making the front of her classroom one that is visually appealing – and the front of the classroom is what students look at all day. Sadly, at the front of most classrooms, wall space is limited and bulletin boards are often non-existent. My point? If you can, use the front of the class as a focal point for either instructive displays or, at least, some student work that makes the view appealing.

In one classroom, I was able to get the maintenance crew to install “strips” of bulletin board. This allowed a spot to tack or staple student work. In an older classroom, one that had hanging fluorescents with the ice-cube tray style of deflectors, I draped string from one end of the class to the other . . . and then hung student work from above. A few hole punches and some bent paper clips and I was off to DisplayLand.

The bottom line is: Visually Appealing to the Student’s Eye.

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