Posted by: jockmackenzie | October 13, 2009

Book Shares – Part 1


Colleague Julie Semeniuk shared this great idea for promoting reading. I tried it but I didn’t like it; I loved it. I added a few twists of my own and got this version.

Students were asked to create four “Book Shares” over the course of the school year – one for each quarter/reporting period. The following list shows a variety of options (note the last one) but students had to make four different choices over the whole term.

As with most of my assignments, I made book shares due over the period of a week. To promote the actual reading of the books chosen, I asked each student to give a 30 second mini-advertisement about his/her book. We did several mini-ads a day, either at the beginning or end of class. Each mini-ad was followed by questions from the class. This was usually my favorite part.


Oral Presentation

Make a Game

Create a Slide Show

Write and Present a Skit – scene with main character

Write a book review for the Toronto Globe and Mail


Compile a newspaper that chronicles the time frame of the book

Compile a portfolio of sketches

Illustrate the story

Write a news report about an event in the book

Write a letter to the editor about a situation in the book

Design a new book cover

Write a poem

Complete a Computer Book Review (see template)

Your choice (check with teacher)

Stay tuned for Parts 2 & 3

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