Posted by: jockmackenzie | October 15, 2009

Book Shares – Part 2

These two pictures aren’t part of the Book Share idea; they’re another alternative. These displays come from the library at Westpark Middle School. Librarian, Laurie Jonas, has asked students and teachers to share their favorite books. The color photocopy of the book covers is quite eye-catching.


. . . and now back to Book Shares – Semeniuk/Mackenzie style

The bottom half of the handout I gave my students (see Part 1 for the upper half)  looked like this:

Choose one of the above methods to present your book share. You can only use a method once. In other words, once you have used one of the possibilities, you cannot use it again. Each book share must contain the following information:

title, author, setting, story information, display of originality and creativity, appear neat in presentation, information will be organized, appropriate graphics if at all possible

*** depending on your choice of book share some of this info may have to be added on the back

REMEMBER: The object of doing a book share is to convince your audience to read the book!

Schedule of due dates:

Week of September 28 – October 2

Week of December 7 – December 11

Week of February 15 – February 19

Week of May 3 – May 7


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