Posted by: When Grief Group Isn't An Option | October 31, 2009

Short Story – The Street That Got Mislaid (Part 1)

Does your classroom have the Mackenzie Middle Years Alphabet?

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Over time I created a plot planning handout that resulted in the form you see below. I used it to get students to work backwards and fill in the plot structure of a story once they had read it. I also used the form to get students to plan short stories (and sometimes parts of short stories) before they leapt into the foray of fiction.

**Mac users double click the scanned handout images to enlarge


The Street That Got Mislaid by Patrick Waddington

Street Mislaid p. 1Mislaid Street p. 2See other “Short Story” entries for more about plot, the use of this plot planner, and my “3I-RACER” method.


  1. I liked this idea very much. It will motivate the students to read the story carefully and understand it better. Thanks for sharing!

    • You are most welcome. Glad it helped.

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