Posted by: jockmackenzie | November 28, 2009

Short Story – The Sniper (Vocabulary)

Some vocabulary exercises are soooo easy, a baby could do them. The exercise below may be a bit on the easy side but it would take a pretty smart baby (like this one) to get 100%.

The multiple choice quiz below is intended to be done by individual students as they read “The Sniper.” The purpose is to be more on the helpful side than on the evaluative side; more to assist the students with their reading than testing the size of their word banks.

Unlike almost all other blog entries, this one has not been tested in the classroom. For anyone who tries it I would appreciate knowing if it was helpful.

The Sniper – Vocabulary Exercise

1. beleaguered

a. to be taken out of a group of teams i.e. a league

b. surrounded by battling soldiers

c. believed

d. made of plastic

2. spasmodically

a. on again and off again, in short bursts

b. the way things are done at a spa

c. silently

d. slowly but with a hint of happiness

3. field-glasses

a. things to drink from when you are in an open area e.g. meadow

b. mirrors

c. a brand of back pack

d. binoculars

4. ascetic

a. like acid, something that burns

b. not attractive because of scars

c. used to hours of hard work, a dedicated person

d. like “athletic”

5. draught

a. a period without any rain

b. a sip or gulp

c. sweet kind of cake

d. type of horse used to pull large carts

6. parapet

a. a low wall at the edge of a roof

b. two of any kind of animal companion

c. angle, slope

d. target, something being aimed at

7. paroxysm

a. two oxen

b. two lines that are an equal distance apart

c. a type of blanket

d. a sudden feeling or attack

8. retired

a. like being tired for a second time

b. tried another time

c. left, gone away

d. left an occupation or job

9. muzzle

a. the mouth of a dog

b. end, part with an opening

c. part of a gun used for aiming

d. a small, fuzzy toy

10 report

a. sound, loud noise

b. a written explanation e.g. a science report

c. statement of a student’s marks

d. to take a ship back into the port

11. ruse

a. a line of anything e.g. houses

b. death

c. a cord used to light an explosive

d. trick, deception

12. silhouetted

a. the act of add a ledge to a window

b. hidden

c. outlined, showing only the general shape

d. made to look like a popular yogurt

13. remorse

a. to be morsed again

b. a feeling of shame and guilt

c. a code e.g. dot and dashes are remorse code

d. a type of Irish rat

14. concussion

a. a sharp blow, a shock

b. a type of instrument in a band

c. place where food and drink are sold e.g. a concussion stand

d. the last paragraph

15. spirits

a. ghosts

b. strong feelings e.g. joy, sorrow

c. soul e.g. his spirit separated from his body at death

d. liquor, alcohol

The answers could appear on the back of the handout, upside down on the front, or in any place that would encourage the student to consider the 4 choices for each word before merely glancing at the answer.

1. b

2. a

3. d

4. c

5. b

6. a

7. d

8. c

9. b

10. a

11. d

12. c

13. b

14. a

15. d

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