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Hink Pink Swink Think Contest (with prizes)



Enter now, enter often – deadline Dec. 15 . . . read on


Why buy your Christmas presents when you can win them? Enter to win one of three fabulous prizes:

First prize – Bas-relief Sculpture by Emmanuel Hahn

Decorate your office space with the artistry of Canadiana, a collector’s piece that is 50 years old. Cast with a lustrous sheen, this bit of history was created by the hands of the co-founder of the Sculptor’s Society of Canada. Depicting a representation of the famous Nova Scotian racing schooner, Bluenose, this prize is to die for.

Second prize – 3-in-1 Desk Organizer

Turn your life around with the triple threat that will organize your desk and work place. With the 3-in-1 Desk Organizer you can say good-bye to clutter and confusion, farewell to the frustration of finding that needed file, and bonjour to the bliss of knowing where every letter, card, and folder has been placed. Manufactured using components used on the space shuttle, the 3-in-1 Desk Organizer uses the wisdom of the modern age mixed the wisdom of centuries past, a true blend of the best and brightest ideas.

Third prize – Jock’s book on Essay Writing

Hardly in the same league as a bas-relief sculpture and an amazing desk organizer (I have one myself) but a worthwhile prize nonetheless. Essay Writing: Teaching the Basics from the Ground Up is a teacher reference book unlike any other I have ever written – or, for that matter, have ever read. Filled with practical ideas, it is not only a ready-to-use source that will introduce your class to essay writing, it’s a fun read.

*** all prizes will be shipped to the winners ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!


1. Choose from one of three categories: General, Seasonal/Holiday, Adult* (by Adult, I mean aimed at an audience with a more sophisticated vocabulary than your average 12-year-old. I do not mean XXX rated)

2. Create either a Hink Pink Swink OR a Hink Pink Swink Think. Entries must be original.

3. Format your entry like this: Hink Pinky Swinkety followed by your description OR Hinkety Pinky Swinky Thinkety and a description.

4. E-mail your offerings to:

5. The riddles (along with author’s first name and city) will be displayed as they arrive – but answers will not be divulged until the winners have been determined. One riddle = 1 chance for a memorable prize. If your e-mail contains 8 riddles, you have 8 separate and distinct chances. Enter as often as you wish.

For those unfamiliar with Hink Pink Swinks and Hink Pink Swink Thinks and all of the various permutations and combinations, please see my blog entry entitled: Publications – Rhyme Time in “Canadian Teacher” (September issue)

When someone enters this contest, posted entries will appear as below. NOT TO BE SHOWN are the answers . . . but for the uninitiated, I will include them here. Okay, each word is backwards so at least you have to think a little bit.

Morris from Pictou County, Nova Scotia (Seasonal/Holiday) – Hinky Pinky Swinky Thinky – The San Fransisco street car, decorated for the Christmas season with green and red wreaths, driven by the ever-jovial Margaret. YLLOJ YLLOM YLLOH YELLORT

Isabel from Telkwa, British Columbia (Adult) – Hinkety Pinkpinkety Swinkety – a medley of haunting operatic melodies. SUOIRAV SUOIRETSYM SAIRA

Bob from Larchmont, New York (General) – Hinket -y Pink Swink – an orange drink given to Bullwinkle b the author of The Cat in the Hat. .RD SSUES ESOOM ECIUJ

People who read the fine print are a rare breed. For those of you who are reading this final note, you can see the three fabulous prizes by going to the Feedback Page. Enjoy!

Bi-daily Challenge #1: (Hinkety Pinkety Swinkety.) A middle school was having problems in the halls; too many students were using foul language. A private investigator was brought in to catch the culprits but he proved unsatisfactory because he only considered certain words and phrases to be “foul.” He was a selective invective detective.

Bi-daily Challenge #2:(Hinkhinkety Pink Swinky) High school students in Auto Body and Design Class were given an assignment – create a new tire and hubcap combination for a car that would be aesthetically pleasing, a real eye-catcher. The assignment was titled Automobile Wheel Appeal.

Bi-daily Challenge #3: (Hinkhinkety Pinkety) Closely related to coral and jellyfish, there is a sea-dwelling polyp that looks like a flower. It attaches itself to the surface bottom and faces upward, looking harmless but with poisonous tentacles around its mouth. Predators are surprised when the tentacles explode around them, injecting a fatal venom. It wouldn’t pay to be an anemone enemy.

Bi-daily Challenge #4: (Hinkety Pinkety Swinkety) A document was given to all workers in Memphis, Nashville, Chattanooga and throughout the state ensuring them of a certain salary. The assurance was titled the Tennessee Employee Guarantee.

Bi-daily Challenge #5: (HinkHinky Pink Swink) Santa’s wife’s mother, who also lived at the North Pole, had made a list of very strict regulations to be followed by everyone. These regulations were known as Mrs. Claus’ ma’s laws.

Bi-daily Challenge #6: (Hinkety Pinky)The little girl who visited the three bears’ house had a carrying case for her noon meal. It was called Goldilock’s lunchbox.

Bi-daily Challenge #7: (Hink Pink Swink)So many mallards, pintails, teals, and others of this species were getting their feet caught in the gooey mud at the edge of a local pond that a special vehicle was set aside to carry them to the local wildlife centre once they had been rescued. The vehicle became known as the stuck duck truck.

Bi-daily Challenge #8: (Hinkety Pink Swink)Using old pant material (the kind with grooves), a plaything was made for young males. It was called a corduroy boy toy.

Bi-daily Challenge #9: Santa’s little helpers kept their mugs for coffee break on a board attached to the wall. It was known as the elf shelf.


Sadly, to me at least, there were no entries and, consequently, no winners. Undaunted, the contest and this blogger will stand to fight another day. Stay tuned over the course of the year for more rhyme time as I prepare for next year’s event . . . and remember the adage: There are three kinds of people: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who sit and wonder, “What happened?”

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