Posted by: jockmackenzie | January 4, 2010

Publications – Reader’s Digest

On December 18, 2009 Jock wrote:

I am “published” in the January 2010 issue of Reader’s Digest.

The January issue (published in December?) had only been out for a couple of days when I bumped into an ex-student at the local recreation centre. Arlene had always been a great student and seems to have become a great adult. Her opening line was, “Hey, so now you’re famous!” I wasn’t sure what she meant and she inferred as much from the puzzled look on my face. “You know,” she continued, “your joke in Reader’s Digest.”

Oh, did I mention it was a joke I had published – not an article? Oops, oversight. Yes, almost a year ago to the day, I sent several clean, short, cute jokes to Reader’s Digest. Six months ago a lady called to inform they might use one of them. Two weeks ago a letter arrived informing me that my joke would be in the January issue, on page 27, and that my cheque was in the mail.

It’s a small thing but it’s still a thing. I get a kick out of trying something new – even if it’s a small as getting a joke published in a magazine.

With visions of the come-on line that entices, “Your favorite funny story could be worth $$$.”, and without having asked the lady who phoned just how much many $$$ were in the mail, I invited my wife out to her favorite restaurant – promising to cover the tab with my earnings. The bottom line: My wife’s favorite restaurant and the $50 that arrived weren’t quite a match . . . but dinner with my bride is priceless.

And here’s what helped pay the bill. See A Worker in . . .

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