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Persuasive Writing – Part 4

Thanks to the CBC for these images


F =Facts and Statistics

R =Reasons

E =Examples

Q =Quotes

O =Opinions

E =Experiences

S = Senses

Information noted in blue type comes from my book Essay Writing: Teaching the Basics from the Ground Up.

*** Please see Parts 1,2, & 3 for background information.

Julia loved the Olympics and everything about them; she chose to persuade her classmates that the Olympics were absolutely fantastic. In her short 13 years, she could remember several Olympic events: Beijing and the fabulous bird cage stadium and the equally-fabulous opening and closing ceremonies, Turin, Italy and, of course, Athens, Greece – where the games began.

She looked at Mr. Mackenzie’s notes about “Experiences”:


Tell about something that has happened in your life, or describe an event that you know has happened to someone else. It can be something that you saw happen,or it could be a short story (anecdote) about an incident that supports your point of view.

I go to the hockey rink in winter and the in-line skating rink in summer. I am surrounded by healthy, active people who are having a great time. Nothing is perfect, but being involved in both kinds of hockey has been a positive experience for me and for lots of my friends.

Julia was almost as excited to use “experiences” to persuade her classmates about how the great the Olympics were as she was excited about the Olympics – well, almost.

She jotted down a few ideas about her own experiences – watching the Olympics on TV, collecting some of the Olympic drinking glasses that her mom bought when she filled up at PetroCan, some of the fun assignments her teachers had organized around Olympic events.

Her real excitement had come when she went to watch her Grade 8 classmate run with the Olympic torch. The Torch Run had come to Red Deer, Alberta on Friday, January 15 and she had been there to see it . . . and Johnny had been carrying the Olympic flame. Wow!

Julia looked back at Mr. Mackenzie’s notes and saw the part that said, “. . . or describe an event that you know has happened to someone else.” Well, she saw Johnny in class every single day so she got him to describe what had happened to him. She had learned that point form notes were the best so here’s what she wrote after kind of an interview with Johnny:

– it was really amazing with all of the crowds and all of the people cheering

– they had picked kids from lots of schools all around Red Deer and we got the Olympic mittens, a toque and a jacket

– just getting picked was a real honor

– after the ceremony they had all kinds of food for us to eat

– it made me really proud to be a Canadian

– the best thing of all about the Olympics is how it brings people together.

Julia couldn’t have been happier. She had proof from what she’d done herself as well as proof that everyone in the school knew about to support her opinion – The Olympics are the BEST!

To be continued . . . one more time.

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