Posted by: jockmackenzie | February 1, 2010

Classroom Management – A Quiz

“Adding to your toolbox” is one of my favorite themes.

I think good teachers are always looking for new methods, better strategies, more effective techniques . . . or modern ways to fight age-old problems. In preparation for a session I am giving at the Central Alberta Teachers’ Convention (one I call Classroom Management: No Fears, No Tears), I surveyed a handful of teachers at Westpark Middle School. The following quiz is the result of their comments about tools they employ to help manage their classrooms.

Classroom Management – A Quiz

Please take a moment and jot from 1 – 20 on a piece of paper and then do the quiz.

Y = Yes, S = Sometimes, N = No

Y __ S __ N __  1. I have games/activities for the occasions when there are a few minutes left at the end of the class.

Y __ S __ N __  2. I am well-planned.

Y __ S __ N __  3. I listen to my students with respect.

Y __ S __ N __  4. I make an effort to catch my students doing something right.

Y __ S __ N __  5. I dismiss my students, not the bell.

Y __ S __ N __  6. I have varied methods of getting my students’ attention.

Y __ S __ N __  7. I have a good reputation.

Y __ S __ N __  8. I deal privately with major behavior problems.

Y __ S __ N __  9. I warn my students when I am in a bad mood.

Y __ S __ N __  10. I give my students/myself time to cool down when emotions run high.

Y __ S __ N __  11. I try to be in the hall/at the door when students arrive.

Y __ S __ N __  12. I move/separate/join students as the need arises.

Y __ S __ N __  13. I emphasize the idea “I like you but I don’t like your behavior.”

Y __ S __ N __  14. I view students as “people in training.”

Y __ S __ N __  15. I try to build relationships with all my students.

Y __ S __ N __  16. I sit with my students when I can.

Y __ S __ N __  17. I believe that many students misbehave to cover the fact they don’t understand.

Y __ S __ N __  18. I have discussed and posted class rules this year.

Y __ S __ N __  19. I maintain a consistent “line” that cannot be crossed.

Y __ S __ N __  20. I believe that every student has some noteworthy talent.

Answer Key

Surprise – there is no answer key. There is no one way to manage a classroom. Even manage appears to be a debated term. The key is to consider your own style of how you work (and play) with students. The 20 statements above could easily be 40 or 60 statements. Working effectively with students is an ongoing, ever changing, and challenging endeavor. I wish you success . . . a very few tears.

For inquiring minds – the picture of me standing beside the toolbox came from a one-on-one tour I did with a reluctant student. He was in grade 8, it was spring, he had no clue what courses he would choose when he headed to high school, he was unmotivated. An interest in automotives had been noted by one of his teachers so I offered to take him to two people I knew – one who ran an auto repair shop, and one who ran a business he called “Tim’s Toys” where he restored old cars. It occurred to me to snap the picture standing by the kind of toolbox I had always dreamed of having, and the kind that symbolizes what teachers are doing with their minds as they gather the tools of teaching.

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  1. Good luck on your presentation. Thanks for sharing this list of questions — they helped me think more deeply about why & how I respond to students.
    Happy writing,

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