Posted by: jockmackenzie | February 4, 2010

Teacher Man, Teacher Ma’am – a concept, a t-shirt, a song – Part 1

Click to enlarge and see the words to “Teacher Man” (sung to the tune “Spiderman”)

The concept of “Teacher Man” is simply that – a concept. There is no superhero who is Teacher Man – at least, no one super teacher who embodies and portrays all of the super-human qualities that many adoring students attribute to teachers whom they love. In fact, there is also Teacher Ma’am and Teacher Ms. and Teacher Miss. The only difference is in the slight variation to the words of the songs. (stay tuned for an upcoming blog on the song.)

I don’t remember when or under what specific circumstances I created my idea of Teacher Man. It was long before I’d heard of Frank McCourt’s book of the same title (and his Teacher Man is an interesting read for those who haven’t tried it) and some time before we had Super Hero Day at Eastview Middle School. For Super Hero Day I pulled together a costume (as I usually did for “special” days at school) from what was laying around the house. In this case: bike helmet, beach towel, duct tape, ski underwear, etc.

If you take a closer look at the TM that opens this entry (Teacher Man logo and also a parody of the TradeMark trademark) you will see it is made up an outer circle of names. The names are those of family members, colleagues, and other people who have influenced my life. The T and the M are made up of my philosophies of life and of teaching. Why not see what your outer circle and inner TM would look like?

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