Posted by: jockmackenzie | April 15, 2010

Foreshadowing – Part 1

Thanks for the images to Project Gutenberg

Hand Shadows to Be Thrown upon the Wall by Henry Bursill

Teaching the concept of “foreshadowing” can be done in a manner that underscores the idea of giving a hint about what is to come. As you introduce foreshadowing, don’t tell your students exactly what you’re doing. Challenge them, suggest that more will come, pique their interest with tidbits of information.

As may be obvious from the shadow figures shown above, I begin by asking students to show the class what hand shadows they have learned in the past. I have always had at least one or two performers. I follow the initial showing with a project where I divide the class into groups of 5 – 8 students and assign each member one shadow figure to learn. On one occasion, a student brought an entire book on hand shadow figures.

As always, one is a minimum; more are encouraged. This particular assignment lends itself to practice at home after initial attempts using overhead projectors (rarer these days) in settings throughout the school. Next day performances are held with the inevitable competition to see who performs best. I don’t encourage this one-upmanship but I don’t discourage it either. If the shadow art idea takes off, we can take the show on the road and perform for other classes.

Thanks to YouTube, we are the beneficiaries of Shadow Shows by people like Raymond Crowe who offer unlimited possibilities:

But that’s enough to get started. Stay tuned to see where this is going.

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