Posted by: jockmackenzie | May 27, 2010

Summer Holiday – Time Away From the Blog to . . .

For an indeterminate time (ain’t it great to be retired), my boss is sending me on a summer holiday (it’s also great to be self-employed) so I will turn my focus to a variety of endeavors. I will:

Try to fool  a fish

Retrieve with the retriever

Monitor our trail of 20 swallow/bluebird houses

Work Play in our country yard

Golf with my bride and my kids (leaving no bogie for those who follow)

Follow Pop’s lead on a carpentry project

Attend the wedding of my daughter and her Nova Scotia boy

As I have learned to do in the world of teaching, I am stepping away from the blog for a period of time, leaving the building, catching my breath, refocusing my energies on the activities noted above (plus many more). I hope to return with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

Best wishes to all who have been readers. May you soon enjoy your own time away from the challenges of the best job in the world – teaching!


  1. Have some good time off. I know we just can’t get away from the two month break!!!!

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