Posted by: jockmackenzie | March 6, 2012

Reading College – Summer Reading Camp for Grade 2s

Don’t miss the last paragraph.

I have recently been asked to be the “Teacher Supervisor” at a program we (the Red Deer Public School District) are calling Reading College. The idea is to find 30 “emerging readers” who will finish Grade Two in June. We will offer them free busing, free breakfast, morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack and 21 days of a summer reading camp to be held at Red Deer College.

To handle the teaching role, we are going to hire 6 graduates of the Middle Years Program, a 4-year Bachelor of Education degree, from the same Red Deer College. The students will be organized into three groups of 10, effectively providing a 5:1 ratio. It is our intention to rotate the three groups through the pairs of teachers who will provide a wide range of activities related to reading: letter and sound recognition, phonics, sight words, leveled and theme and shared reading, and experiences to provide life experiences to reading and its importance.

We are excited to have the venue of the college as it promises to offer a myriad of possibilities to enthuse and encourage our young readers. Support from the community has been tremendous.

And now for a request. Have you been involved in a similar endeavor? Do you have ideas, activities, suggestions, or best practices you feel would be beneficial to our Reading College students? Please comment or contact me.

Stay tuned for updates.


  1. Hello, my daughter is in grade 2 and is struggling a lot with her reading. And she will be transferring to a north side school as we are moving from the south side to the north side. It would be nice to have her confidences boosted before she starts at the new school because she currently gets made fun of because if it. If there is some way I could get her enrolled in this camp please call me or email me with more information. Thank you very much Amanda Parsons

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