Posted by: jockmackenzie | February 23, 2016


READER OF THE DAY – As often as I am able, I am going to snap a photo of a reader, someone I come across in my daily travels who enjoys reading. Why? Well, because Facebook seems like a reasonable platform to promote literacy, to remind those of us who read that we are very much not alone and to remind those who don’t read that they might not be aware of how many others enjoy a pastime that lasts a lifetime.

I was at a CAPRA meeting today (Central Alberta Poverty Reduction Alliance); I’m on the Literacy Sub-committee. One of our goals is to increase awareness. Rather than waiting for an official program to highlight local readers, I decided to begin my own campaign and to INVITE MY FACEBOOK FRIENDS TO DO THE SAME. Please tell my about what you are enjoying in the world of reading – and maybe snap a photo or two along the way of those who share your passion.

Here’s Rachel Lavoy, Accounting Technician for the Red Deer Public School District. When I asked what she was reading, she responded, “I’m reading ‘Service Operations Management.'” (turns out she’s taking her Bachelor of Commerce degree by correspondence).

She added, “I love John Grisham, especially The Client.” And then she added, ” And The Firm, and The Runaway Jury, and A Time to Kill and . . .”


1 Rachel Lavoy


  1. Heh! How are you stranger?

    • I am great – keeping busy with a few education related activities – finding books for those who don’t have them, promoting reading, etc. I am also doing a bit of magazine article writing. What’s new with you?

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