Posted by: jockmackenzie | March 4, 2016


Lisa & ForrestBrandon Lodder

READERS OF THE DAY #40 – Lisa and Brandon Lodder.

Reading to yourself is great; reading to a child is awesome. Lisa and Brandon have a little library for little Forrest Lodder and use it daily.

Lisa says, “I have always had a love for reading, but over the past four months my habits have changed. Since my son came into our lives, we have spent countless hours reading to him in hopes that he will gain a love and appreciation for reading as well. Some favourites that currently grace our shelves are the Dr. Seuss and Robert Munsch collections as well as nursery rhymes. Our son, Forrest, is thrilled when we read to him with expression (as Robert Munsch would desire and model).

When asked to pick a favourite book, I cannot choose just one, but can narrow it down to two.

My childhood favourite was a book called Socks by Beverly Cleary. It is about a cat who begins to feel rather neglected when a baby is brought into the family (rather fitting, considering our circumstances).

My more recent favourite, is one that sits near and dear to my heart, titled The Stone Angel by Margaret Laurence. The story is completely captivating and reminds me of trials and tribulations that my 94 year old Grandmother has faced.

Reading takes each of us on an adventure, no matter the time and place. Imaginations are something we should never lose and when reading I attempt to picture the story through my son’s eyes. What a journey!”

Brandon says. “I loved to read as a kid and I attribute that largely to all the time I was read to as a baby. I want to instil that same love in Forrest. Reading takes you on adventures that transcend time and space and robbing children of those adventures by not reading to them should be criminal! I believe that reading is the basis of a fulfilled, productive and happy life!”

Forrest's librarySocksStone Angel

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