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READER OF THE DAY #41 Laura Thibeault (my sister)

Laura says, “I grew up in a reading family. We lived in the country so weekly trips in to the library were a big deal to me. Once I’d read through the children’s section, the librarian would take me to the adult section to find things that would be suitable. Sometimes if everyone had something they wanted to read, we’d get to read at the dinner table. We used to joke that our family crest should be a book propped up against a milk jug.

Now, years later, I still read a lot but much of it is real estate contracts on a computer. So when I get the chance to kick back and relax, I love to curl up with a “real book” with pages to turn and an uplifting story to inspire me. Recent reads include: All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr, The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion, Flight Behaviour by Barbara Kingsolver and The Boys in the Boat by Daniel J. Brown.

I love to learn about nature, or how things have been made, or history has taken place through the stories of resilient characters. Being a member of a Book Club gets me reading different stories that I wouldn’t ordinarily find and have an opportunity to hear other peoples’ opinions and experiences through this shared love of reading. I’m so grateful to have been given that gift so many years ago.

Sometimes when I’m finished with a book that I won’t read again, I drop it off at one our neighbourhood “Little Libraries”.

Little Free Library

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