Posted by: jockmackenzie | March 6, 2016


READER OF THE DAY #42 Stacey Dyck (my niece)

Mom with kids

Me and my three great reasons for not reading as much as I’d like to.

If you think reading this post would encourage anyone to read, please share it.

My parents say that I taught myself to read in kindergarten – almost certainly because it was another thing that my big sister could do and I couldn’t…yet.

My siblings and I all remember the special books from our childhood – Miss Nelson is Missing, But No Elephants, POPCORN. Growing up, I read everything. From high literature like Archies and Calvin & Hobbes, to the pop fiction of Mary Higgins Clark and Stephen King, to more celebrated books by authors like Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Charles Dickens.

I’ve been known to read and re-read shampoo bottles when there is nothing more interesting on hand! I found when my kids were babies and then toddlers, I didn’t have the energy or attention span for anything more than a People and US magazine, but I missed reading and looked forward to getting back to it. Thankfully, that time has come and lately I’ve read some really great books. I prefer fiction and look for anything with great character development, ‘real world’ story lines (no fantasy or science fiction for this girl) and if it makes me shed a tear or two, all the better. I’m currently reading The Sisters Brothers and enjoying every page.


That’s my doll Brenda – who I loved to pieces (literally) so ‘Grandma on the Farm’ had to babysit her for a week during which time she sewed a whole new body and re-attached the head and appendages.

sisters brothers


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