Posted by: jockmackenzie | March 13, 2016


Bill Young IMG_0964

READER OF THE DAY #49 Dr. Bill Young – I bumped into Bill at the Collicutt Centre and found him, you guessed it, reading. After a brief conversation, I realized how much of a reader Bill is – and was intrigued with his range and depth. As we chatted, he told me about two books and then he emailed a bit more on Risk and two others. 

“Risk: the science and politics of fear”, Dan Gardner … Ottawa based journalist offs real insight as to how media and politics, combined with our innate fear response, combines to shape, and distort, our perceptions of the world as a individuals and collectively as a society.


Conservatism and Racism

Bill’s email said:

” What Is America”, Ronald Wright… Some interesting observations that help us understand the roots of US conservative and Puritan values. He speaks of backwoods America, so apparent in this Trump fiasco.

“The Organized Mind”, David Levitan… Another Canadian I believe, neuroscientist working out of an Ivy League uni. Basically neuropsychology for dummies, really understandable, well written, and with great themes throughout, interesting right to the end.




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