Posted by: jockmackenzie | March 19, 2016


Karen Vanderwater

READER OF THE DAY #55 Karen Vanderwater

Karen is a HUGE supporter of YIMBY Reads and just an all-round great human being. About reading, she says:

I love to read. I read everything: comic books, novels, newspapers signs, brochures, magazines, price tags etc. I remember as a kid waiting for the newspaper every day. I also loved comics. I still have 200 comics from my younger days.

Lately I read sometimes on my iphone but my favourite thing to read is a real paper book. I love historical fiction, mystery and fantasy. I have many favourites. One of my favourite books is The Crystal Cave by Mary Stewart. I also read lots of books for ages 6-12. I am always reading to find books for the library at school.

The thing I love the most about reading is sharing books with my grandsons. I love reading with them. My life would not be as rich as it is without reading.

Jock’s note: The Crystal Cave is the first of a quintet of novels; who doesn’t love a series!

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