Posted by: jockmackenzie | March 21, 2016


Laurie TaitIMG_1019

READER OF THE DAY # 57 Laurie Tait

Laurie Tait is the librarian at Normandeau School in Red Deer. On a recent visit there to give out book to all of the Reading College kids from the past four years, I was amazed at her enthusiasm for reading. And it was just that she wants others to read, she actually glowed when she described the weekly visits she and her husband take to the Red Deer Public Library.

I had the privilege of listening in as she read to a class of Grade Threes – see her smiling picture below. Laurie said that after each book reading, many of the kids are anxious to sign out the book she’s just read. (and read with oomph) Wise lady that she is, she often reads from the ‘oldies but goodies’ because kids just don’t know that books like Roald Dahl’s Nate the Great are . . . well, great.

 Laurie says, “My love of reading has always been a part of me. It has taken me to places I will never see and to periods of time that are both frightening and intriguing. My favorite books are historical fiction but with so many wonderful books in the world who knows what I have yet to discover!

I am allowed to share my love of reading with students as I am the school librarian in a K-8 school. I love to read to the students and our favorites right now are the Elephant & Piggie books by Mo Willems. I continue to try to spark the interests of our older students and am encouraged when I am able to match a student to a book that they enjoy.”

Mo Willems' books IMG_1021

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