Posted by: jockmackenzie | March 25, 2016


LeeAnne Shinski

READER OF THE DAY #60 LeeAnne Shinski is the Executive Director of the Lifelong Learning Council of Red Deer. She also heads the Literacy Sub-committee of CAPRA, the Central Alberta Poverty Reduction Alliance. At our monthly meetings, along with a variety of others who work to improve literacy, we work to find ways reduce poverty by increasing the literacy rate of Central Albertans. And on the side, we share our love of reading. LeeAnne says:

As a Mom of four boys, I have had the pleasure of sharing my love of reading with each one of them. Whether I’m using a (really poor) Spanish accent to read Skippy Jon Jones or trying to pronounce dinosaur names as best I can, I try to add a little fun! My sons read the books I have from my childhood (before Scholastic there was Grolier) and love to add to their library at school book fairs.

My eldest son is now 21 years old and we share our favorite novels with each other. Time spent reading with my children has been the most precious for me. I still can’t get through Love You Forever by Robert Munsch but I hope one day I’ll get the opportunity share my love of reading with my grandchildren.

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