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Jill & Maryview tour

READER OF THE DAY #62 Jill Griffith

I first came to know Jill during my Reading College days, the summer program for 60 Grade Two students who struggle with reading. Jill was consistently helpful with all aspects of the program but one memory stands out – the time she came to Special Reader Day. Jill read with such enthusiasm and was extremely good with the kids; it was  awesome. Since then, I have come to see that reading plays a major role in her life.

(She also mentioned during one of our chats the other day that it wasn’t Roald Dahl who wrote Nate the Great, it was Marjorie Weinman Sharmat.)

When I asked her to share her thoughts, she wrote:

Jill Griffith is the Youth Services Manager at the Downtown Branch of Red Deer Public Library, but she prefers to call herself a children’s librarian, because it’s the best job in the whole wide world. She believes that children who don’t read or claim that they don’t like to read, just haven’t found the right book yet, and that there is at least one special book, if not a thousand, for every child out there.

She herself began to read when she was four years old and the first story she remembers reading to herself was Goldilocks and the Three Bears. She has been reading non-stop ever since. In fact her parents always described her as that girl who always has her nose in a book. Jill tells every child who will listen that reading is the most important thing you will ever learn in your lifetime, and she spreads the gospel of literacy everywhere she goes.

Her favourite books to read out loud are funny books that engage even the most serious child in reading. She counts Mo Willems, Roald Dahl, Melanie Watt, Oliver Jeffers and Jon Klassen among her favourite current children’s authors but they change daily because there are soooo many good ones out there!

When not at work she can usually be found with a cat on her lap and her nose buried in a great mystery or Canadian work of fiction. Not that she doesn’t enjoy some good chick lit every once in a while. Which brings me to another important tenant that Jill lives her book life by – always encourage children to read whatever they are interested in. As long as they’re reading – graphic novels, comics, gaming guides, Captain Underpants, whatever – let them read without judgement.

That’s the single most important advice she can give to any grownup that guides children in reading. Oh, and that reading is FUN!

*** Here’s a cool project Jill just finished (look closely).

Jill's book art


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