Posted by: jockmackenzie | March 30, 2016


Garry Ryan

READER OF THE DAY #65 Garry Ryan

Garry Ryan is a friend who I met through the Writers’ Guild of Alberta. He is a retired teacher (must be salt of the earth) and a writer. He has published seven books in the Calgary-based Detective Lane series; the eighth (Indiana Pulcinella) will be out this April. I have enjoyed reading every one of them; I’ve also enjoyed the first two books in his other series about women pilots in World War II: Blackbirds and Two Blackbirds.

I thought that a writer might give a different perspective to being a reader. Here’s what Garry said:

The problem is I’m always reading. Reading signs, emails, books, newspapers, people, our dog. There’s this insatiable need to understand what’s going on making me sift clues from words, colours, expressions, tone, shapes, wind, clouds. Reading is all part of that. Trying to see what’s really going on. When I read a book like Kite Runner or This is Where I leave You, it begins a process where images and experiences gather to create novel. I keep a collection of photographs like this sunset image taken on a sidewalk in San Jose Cabos San Lucas. The reading, the photographs, the experiences, the impressions, eventually come together to create a novel from all of it.

Indianna Pulcinella

Detective Land and his impetuous partner Nigel Liz find themselves back on the hunt, this time looking for the perpetrators of a gruesome killing with a crime scene matching that of a man put away by Calgary Police years earlier.

As more innocents fall victim to the copycat killer, Lane and Liz must team up with some unlikely new allies in Calgary’s trendy Kensington area to crack the case.

Meanwhile, with the birth of his nephew Indiana, Lane’s happily chaotic households faces a new challenge, as the laconic detective’s estranged fundamentalist family reappears to try and raise the baby their way.

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