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READER OF THE DAY #67 Robert Reed

Or as Robert suggested – Reeder of the Day. Robert has been a good friend ever since our G.W. Smith Elementary days when we worked on a Readers’ Theatre project. We don’t spend half enough time together but when we do, it’s always ‘golden.’

When I asked him to share some thoughts, he said:

My first memory of loving to read would be the excitement of signing out (from the Athabasca public library) a blue hard-covered Thornton Burgess epic (Peter Rabbit, Sammy Jay, Reddy Fox). My two all-time favorite novels are Trinity (Leon Uris) and Pillars of the Earth (Ken Follett). I am now reading almost exclusively with a Kobo e-reader. Reading provides me with opportunities to:

learn how others view our world

acquire new knowledge

travel to other times and lands

escape from the real world.

Thornton Burgess

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In 1910, writer/naturalist Thornton W. Burgess wrote his first book, Old Mother West Wind. It contained sixteen stories about animals including Reddy Fox, Peter Rabbit, Johnny Chuck, Jerry Muskrat, Bobby Coon, Little Joe Otter, Buster Bear and many other characters who would go on with their adventures in the dozens of sequels that followed. Burgess in 1934 said that he had written over 11,000 stories since OMWW’s publication. Harrison Cadys charming illustrations also contributed greatly to the overwhelming popularity of the series.

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